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Would you talk to me and have a conversation if I came off anon?

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Hey so i read that u are soO bored of life that u don't know wt to do. I suggest a field trip out of that space, town, place, city, State! Of urs where u are... It worked for me i feel much better, cuz theres more to this country than 100miles within my city limits. Sometimes we are sooo afraid of shaking things up in our lifes that we forget how to be happy & in peace with ourselves inside-out our everyday life--> or how some call it: routine. [= hope it helps; let me know if it did.

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This is really great advice—thank you. A change of environment has always been a positive thing for me. I’m hoping to spend my semester before college getting out and doing more things that I haven’t had the time to do before. Thanks for the advice. 

I was tagged by toohipstertohipster to do this thing where I list the first 10 songs that come up on my shuffle without skipping.

1.) Silhouettes by Colony House

2.) Tie up the Tides by Quilt

3.) Oceans by Evanescence 

4.) Shoreline by Graham Colton

5.) Favourite Thing by Yuna

6.) Freedom by Emma Louise

7.) Split Screen Sadness by John Mayer

8.) This Is the Life by Bel Heir

9.) Talking Backwards by Real Estate

10.) Polar Iris by White Morning

I tag maskedmajesty

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You're my favorite blog and I love your selfies because they're so hot and sexy

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I'd love to talk to you - you have the persona of being a great friend... ~

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aw well thank you 😌❤️